EU Research and Education Network on Europe in the World

EU-RENEW (EU Research and Education Network on Europe in the World) is an Erasmus Jean Monnet Network bringing together 19 outstanding higher education institutions from Europe (9), Asia (3), Africa (4), and the Americas (3) with the goal of improving knowledge and enhancing debate on ‘Europe in the World’.

Through a focus on exchange and dissemination of pedagogical tools and innovative research, EU-RENEW will foster a global debate on the role and place of Europe in a fast-changing global order.

As a truly global and interdisciplinary network, EU-RENEW takes into account local dynamics and practices in Europe and beyond with attention to global-local interaction at the regional level, external perceptions of Europe and the European Union, and diffusion of European practices.

Areas of focus


Security and Defense

Human Rights

Democracy and the Rule of Law

Sustainable Development

Climate Change and Energy

Culture and Education


Concept and methodology

EU-RENEW’s primary goal is to collect, share, and discuss academic and research material that sheds light on Europe’s place and role in today’s changing global order. It will grasp and make sense of the most up-to-date and innovative scholarship and educational material on European in the World by deploying a multilayer data collection system that benefits from the partner institutions’ geographical and disciplinary diversity. Each partner will systematically input references to their own research and educational material, of other networks and initiatives of which they are part, and finally the material published at their own geographical neighbourhood.

Through regular and dynamic interactions amongst 19 higher education institutions, EU-RENEW will review and disseminate the most insightful research on Europe and global affairs, including podcast and webinar series, an open-access handbook, blogposts, a Massive Open Online Course, and a newsletter. Quality and relevance of the network’s output will be ensured by a standing editorial board and review meetings, both online and in-person. By valuing and making sense of the most insightful literature, EU-RENEW will spark a conversation on Europe’s role and place in world affairs.